Being a company that aims at integration and web-based services we keep a very close eye to the world of web oriented and service oriented technologies.

We have been delivering solutions customizing and integrating open source products with our own frameworks.

Wedjaa works alongside its Customers on innovative solution, open-source project and complex IT architecture.
Wedjaa has gained considerable experience about the following fields: Web application, Middleware and integration frameworks, operative systems, platforms and Security solutions

Wedjaa maintains an always-growing staff of experts, which includes specialists with backgrounds in engineering, programming, project management and sales.

Located in Roma (Italy) and in Ames (US), the Wedjaa staff is readily available to assist its Customers' needs all over the world.

Software Development
More than a simple provider of Open Source solutions Wedjaa participates and contributes as an active Open Source community member.

Our team is made up of architects, developers, integration consultants and system administrators who are experts in Open Source solutions with strong links to the OSS community.
Whenever you are in the process of implementing solutions based on Open Source Software Wedjaa can contribute to the deployment, customization, integration and support.

Contact us to have a quote for a Turn Key Pilot for the OSS technologies we support. Such a pilot will allow you to see how the solution can be customized and used in your specific environment.

We offer end-to-end solutions, following every step of the project from the discovery and design phase to delivery and maintenance.
Since the very first project Wedjaa has been involved in security related technologies and architectures.

We have developed solutions that delivered simple system and network monitoring and intrusion prevention and detection infrastructures. On the other hand we also created several PKI for clients that required the creation of a law-compliant internat Certification Authority and then integrated these with access control systems, allowing strong authentication and digital signature featured to be deployed all over the client infrastructures.
But technology is only one aspect of security. An often forgotten issue with security is the provisioning to the users of a system - for example a clients' employees - of the knowledge that could allow for a safer operation of the network.

Proper training on the issues of security in the daily operation of the services and networks provided to the employees are worth - at times - much more than huge investments on security infrastructures.
Wedjaa can provide training sessions for end-users and employees outlining the most common attacks to end-users (trojans, social engineering, lack of software updates, password policies, etc.) and the best practices in the secure use of computers and services.
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